Time Management

Why planning your time in an effective way will benefit you, your racing career and your team.

We have at one time wished there were more than 24 hours in the day; We’ve all felt overwhelmed with what we have to accomplish in a short time.  The key to keeping everyone happy is proper time management.

Now not all of us have a publicist or a media/PR representative that can  help us with our day’s planning but with some common sense tips we can arrange we can help manage our time better and have less stress in our lives.

Lists and Calendars:  Keeping a lists of tasks needed to be accomplished is helpful.  The more we have on our plate the more we are  prone to forgetting to finish some important work.  Lists that we can check off can help us keep on track.  A large Year to date calendar is useful but only if it is used. Keep it as up to date as you can.  Sometimes out biggest problem is trying to accomplish too much for the time allotted.  Be realistic to what you can or can’t handle.  When finally it becomes too much – think about having help.

So you have become a real racerchick.  All of a sudden you are being pulled in different directions.  This radio show wants you on it, 10 people wrote asking for autograph cards;  – you have to get a haircut and you want to work on the car – what to do?  Juggling everything is tough – delegate when you can.  While no one can get a haircut for you you can have someone manage your appearances and schedule for you.

How to choose the right PR/Media person.  First of all it’s someone you trust and that knows your preferences. They will act as a buffer and make sure your time is best spent.  From the 25 requests they will handle what they can and give you set instructions of what you have to do.  You will have to trust them and communication is key.  They should know for example,  you are allergic to cats and therefore not accept a speaking engagement for you at a cat convention.  As silly as that example sounds – this person must have your best interest in mind – both professionally and personally.  Racing is  full of promotions and you – as a representative of your sponsor you must understand.   It’s a duty – and it keeps sponsors happy.  Without happy sponsors the money to race may not be there next year.

But what about MY TIME?  Yes – we all need our own personal time.  No need to tell your publicist what you are needing to do – just make sure he/she knows that you have THAT time for yourself. Being in the public eye puts pressure on us – that “me” time is important.  It grounds us and keeps us sane.

CNN Calling:  Well, it may not be CNN or ABC but many times you will have requests to speak on radio, TV or in front of audiences.  Your publicist should know what you can and can’t do and accept or decline in a timely fashion. Whether if it’s a major network or a small local newspaper – try to be respectful of their time.  This is important since by you saying “no thank you” you can open the door to a fellow racerchick – let her get the exposure then – don’t be selfish with your time.

I know personally I get approached often for people wanting to get in touch with the racerchicks.  I act as a buffer getting all the information I can before I present it to any one of you.  A good publicist will communicate all the information.  He/She will make sure you are prepared when you are at your scheduled event.  If it is a radio show – they will give you run down of the questions you will be asked.  Many times interviewers will give you s brief idea of what they want you to discuss.  If you handle the interview well it makes them look good.  Your publicist will also make sure you know who, what where and how the event is scheduled.  He/She will make sure you speak with the right people, know the background of the event and know what the purpose of you being there is. Careful planning and preparation can make you shine!

Don’t stress – we are all human and can dance only as fast as we can.  Being thrust into the limelight as a racerchick can sometimes leave us and others frustrated.  Sit down – work out a strategy and do what you can.  Having the best people around you is a way you can feel confident that things will get done.  Yes promotion is a part of motor sport but your mental health is a billion times more important.

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Nika has had a love for cars and racing since childhood. A regional racing license holder she has been involved with the industry, working with racers, teams, journalists and automobile manufacturers in sponsorship solicitation, logistics, hospitality, road show and communication program implementation.