The World’s Fastest Indian, Starring Anthony Hopkins

What was I thinking in keeping this from you?

Okay – So I had the DVD sent to me in June.  Cool – like the many companies that want us to promote their product – I was picky – I said I couldn’t guarantee a GOOD review or a quick promo – it’s been a tough year.

My feelings were especially tough since I had not heard about this movie. How did it sneak by me in the theatres??  But then again – I watch MY movies in planes ( need to get a life).

Then I read Anthony Hopkins was in it. Coooooool – as Hannibal in Silence of the Lambs he scared me so much I couldn’t fall asleep for days – but then as a butler in “Remains of the Day” I fell asleep quickly.

Ironically just before I was to review the DVD – set the time and place! – I get the call that I am GOING to Bonneville…the Gist of the movie.  WOW.  Maybe this is a sign.  I could understand the film more after my experience at the Salt Flats – it’s a once in a million experience and well, I can’t describe it any better.

Enough dilly-dallying – about the DVD:

WHY THE HECK DID I MISS IT???? WHERE WAS I???? Okay – very few films garner this emotion – it’s a feel good story  – Cinderella style that could ONLY make it with Anthony Hopkins’ acting. Seriously!  If it wasn’t for him this would be……yawn.  Yes – it is a good story BUT no one – no ONE but A Hopkins could take a story and make it a fable – one that you hover around for more tidbits…..

He plays the New Zealand Motorcyclist – and old frugal man but one with a passion for his old Indian motorcycle – the one that’s the fastest around.

For him – life revolves around the Bonneville Salt Flats and a land Speed record. The character is the only one that can naively become friends with anyone and anything – you will love him from the start!

It’s been a LONG time since I watch a movie that left me red eyed and smiling – a movie that gave me something more than violence and special effects. The Worlds Fastest Indian gave me strength….

Somehow marketing didn’t get the story out – because this could of been a classic – I will only hope it still has a chance. YES some die hard argue about the small things ( no one works on their car wearing a watch- is what one said – groan!)

PLEASE find the time to make this a part of your family viewing…. please get the DVD – it WILL become a part of the Library – I guarantee.  For if you want to watch a beautiful done film with a superb actor – this is it – even those that don’t love speed will love the story.

And if by chance – Mr. Hopkins ever reads this….(yeah – I know I doubt it too) I would like to thank you dearly for your incredible performance – it inspired us!



Nika has had a love for cars and racing since childhood. A regional racing license holder she has been involved with the industry, working with racers, teams, journalists and automobile manufacturers in sponsorship solicitation, logistics, hospitality, road show and communication program implementation.