If you want your team to be professional and competitive it’s a necessity.

The question comes up often: Do I know any sponsors and how do you get one. The answers are easy. I know many sponsors – you have to work at it. After exhausting friends and family and not to mention your own savings – it’s time to find funding …sometimes known as the “hardest part of racing.”

A sponsor is any company, person, or product that is willing to fund your racing effort. Chances are if you look around you right now you will see products and/or services that already are motorsports contributors. Who to approach? Here I must change the question to who should you NOT approach – the list is smaller. The companies you should not approach are the ones you do not believe in. For example – if you are a vegetarian – do not approach a beef company for money. Being a spokesperson for your sponsor must be done in good conscience – your fans deserve this.

Product versus monetary sponsorship: Not all sponsorship is based on the almighty dollar. In a non-spec series you should approach any company whose product you use – from tires, shocks, fuel.you name it! The money you can save by having these products supplied to you, can pay off big over the season.

Open the phonebook, watch TV.Keep your eyes and open. More and more unusual sponsorships are popping up. We’ve seen other sports teams; movie previews and cartoon characters all show up on the side of a race car. The resource pool is endless so think beyond the norm. Now is the time to find that long lost uncle who owns a mushroom farm. The reality is who you know, counts.

Parallel marketing: Take the time to look at the sponsors on your competitors cars. Are there similar companies that could benefit from sponsorship? If Car #1 is sponsored by Red Jellybeans Co. Then approaching Green JellyBean Co. their peer may prove fruitful. How so? By proving a good motorsports marketing campaign {sponsoring you} can help get them exposure and market share – such as Red Jellybean Co. has already done with your fellow racer.

How to get a Sponsor: You ask! Let’s not forget WHY a Company would sponsor you – It’s to market their service or product. This is the most important point you have to remember when designing your proposal. It’s easy to ask for money but it is difficult to validate why you need it. A simple “to race” is not enough. Sponsors are looking for value. By giving you $$ – they expect a program that will generate sales and advertising that is equal to or better than if the gave the money to a media outlet. We will discuss further what should be in your proposal in the next installment of Racerchicks 101.

Be prepared for disappointment. Rejection – It’s a part of the game. Always politely ask for the reason your request was denied. I say this since there is a difference between an economic downturn/marketing budget cuts and a badly written proposal. We can change the latter. It’s important to try – because really the worse thing a potential sponsor can say is “No” and sooner or later one just may say “Yes”.

If there are other areas you’d like to see us cover, or you’d like to provide your insight, ideas and share your experiences, we invite you to do so on our forum or by e-mailing us here at info@racerchicks.com



Nika has had a love for cars and racing since childhood. A regional racing license holder she has been involved with the industry, working with racers, teams, journalists and automobile manufacturers in sponsorship solicitation, logistics, hospitality, road show and communication program implementation.