surviving Bobby Ore's California Stunt Driving School

surviving Bobby Ore’s California Stunt Driving School

That’s some good advice.

But you may want to try racing.

The question I get asked often is “what does it take to become a race car driver?” and the answer is quite simple: talent, money, time, determination, luck and fear.

A good racer has talent but it may not have come naturally as practice/seat time/coaching all come into play to make a better driver.   Of course that takes money.  We all can’t have billionaire John Meynard as a father and sponsor of NASCAR driver Paul Meynard.   Money buys better equipment and better testing of that equipment.

It takes time to test a race car or learn a track. It takes time to solicit sponsors and stay fit and healthy.

You have a better chance of winning the lottery then winning your first ever race.  I know many people that “lap” a track at high speeds but add in race traffic and chances are you won’t get that perfect line in a corner.  I know a racer friend of mine reminisces of his first race at Road Atlanta where he was fighting  hard – to be SECOND LAST.  Determination kept him going and he has many trophies and championships now.

I must add “LUCK” – whether bad or good – racing is full of it.   From being the only one with rain tires and a flash rain shower appears to getting a flat tire leading the last lap – you are not alone as many racers can attest there are good days and bad days.

Lastly I say “fear” because according to some very successful top of the pyramid drivers – if you don’t have that little ounce of fear you are not driving as fast as you could.  If that corner scares you when you enter it and you exit with a sigh of relief you are truly racing.

Never be afraid of trying.




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