You may think that hospitality is the food you provide for your crew and friends at the race track- but it is so much more.

Hospitality is the cordial reception you give your sponsors/guests. It is essential when running a professional racing team but unfortunately it’s one of the first areas that are forgotten or cancelled when money is tight.

Hospitality should be budgeted in your sponsorship proposal in detail. It is a good selling point for your package if the potential sponsor sees the benefit it can bring to the company.

Who is hospitality for: Sponsors, friends of sponsors, employees of sponsors company and/or clients of sponsors company. It’s for your crew, your drivers, your friends and potential investors/sponsors.

What is the goal of hospitality?

Improve relationship with sponsor by providing a cordial reception for the above mentioned people. It brings value when the sponsor can use this to improve employee morale, indulge clients, network and develop better working relationships. It is also a way of thanking the sponsor for their generous support.

Set Up & Display:

A dedicated space on the race trailer for hospitality equipment is essential. The tables, chairs, tablecloths and centerpieces – in racing themes or team colors are just one way to show a crisp clean professional impression that reflects positively on your team.


Providing food and drink for your teams guest is vital. Common sense dictates what is best to be served. On hot days avoid foods that spoil easily. Food safety is a priority – investing in insulated coolers a must. Check allergies/dietary requirements – ensure a selection of quality food. Remember – just as a race car – people need fuel! A good supply of fresh water and hand sanitizers are important. If you are to serve alcoholic drinks – please make sure to check local track regulations as it may not be allowed to be consumed until after the last event if at all.

The Added Touch:

With little time and investment you can provide exceptional hospitality on any budget. Your drivers MUST be available to speak with your guests, sign autographs and have his/her picture taken. Team members must take into consideration that team guests are important and must be treated with respect. Although at times it may seem like chaos under your tent – and stress levels are high, all team members must keep tempers, bad language and bad behavior to themselves.

Making guests feel welcome can mean the difference between having the sponsor next season and not. If they are new to the sport – why not provide some background information. A short tour of the facilities – and introductions to the drivers and team members is a must. Let them feel a part of the action of motorsports – it can get them addicted to the sport. Remember to have a resources of products available from first aid to ear plugs and sun screen. YOUR job is to make a day at the races enjoyable no matter where your driver finishes.

Is Sponsorship Important?

Yes – very much so! Just take a gander around a race paddock at a major race event and you’ll see the elaborate hospitality set ups. While most of us do not have the funds to have such a display – we can work hard to provide a professional and comfortable environment that can make our team look top notch.

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Nika has had a love for cars and racing since childhood. A regional racing license holder she has been involved with the industry, working with racers, teams, journalists and automobile manufacturers in sponsorship solicitation, logistics, hospitality, road show and communication program implementation.