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surviving Bobby Ore's California Stunt Driving School

surviving Bobby Ore’s California Stunt Driving School

That’s some good advice.

But you may want to try racing.

The question I get asked often is “what does it take to become a race car driver?” and the answer is quite simple: talent, money, time, determination, luck and fear.

A good racer has talent but it may not have come naturally as practice/seat time/coaching all come into play to make a better driver.   Of course that takes money.  We all can’t have billionaire John Meynard as a father and sponsor of NASCAR driver Paul Meynard.   Money buys better equipment and better testing of that equipment.

It takes time to test a race car or learn a track. It takes time to solicit sponsors and stay fit and healthy.

You have a better chance of winning the lottery then winning your first ever race.  I know many people that “lap” a track at high speeds but add in race traffic and chances are you won’t get that perfect line in a corner.  I know a racer friend of mine reminisces of his first race at Road Atlanta where he was fighting  hard – to be SECOND LAST.  Determination kept him going and he has many trophies and championships now.

I must add “LUCK” – whether bad or good – racing is full of it.   From being the only one with rain tires and a flash rain shower appears to getting a flat tire leading the last lap – you are not alone as many racers can attest there are good days and bad days.

Lastly I say “fear” because according to some very successful top of the pyramid drivers – if you don’t have that little ounce of fear you are not driving as fast as you could.  If that corner scares you when you enter it and you exit with a sigh of relief you are truly racing.

Never be afraid of trying.




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When I first started thirteen years ago I never thought it would have opened so many doors for me – I have met some great people and have gone on some great adventures as an automotive journalist.  Since then I have watched more and more women get involved in racing and in the automotive industry and I’m happy to see more acceptance.  While I would like to say had a small part of it – it really is the many women of all ages that followed their dreams…..and for the many that respected them for it.   A car doesn’t care  the gender of its driver — no olilNIKA.jogne else should.

In thirteen years so many things have changed not just on a business level but on a personal level.  I have a wonderful and supportive husband and my own little racerchick now.  Only thirteen more years until she can have a drivers license – I will get back to you about that fear some other time.

Thanks to the original crew that helped me with the website so many years ago Doug and Jeff – to the many racerchicks that wrote me proudly announcing that they are “racerchicks” too….my friends and family and to my new website design master – ( a different)  Jeff . Let this site be a venue to discuss, proclaim, rant and debate all things wonderful from a car/race girl’s point of view.

Here’s to another lucky thirteen





In 2000, with the help of some creative souls, was born. Since the websites inception it has become a forum for automotive and motorsports loving women of all ages. Many of the women I have met through my website have become friends. I now have a racerchick of my own who is following in her parent’s nomex footsteps.

The experiences the site has brought to my doorstep have exceeded my wildest horsepower dreams.

So now more than a decade later and thanks to another creative mind, SlypigPro, a new is online.

I welcome all racerchicks, racerwives, racermoms and their family and friends to be a part of our community.



Nika has had a love for cars and racing since childhood. A regional racing license holder she has been involved with the industry, working with racers, teams, journalists and automobile manufacturers in sponsorship solicitation, logistics, hospitality, road show and communication program implementation.