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In 2000, with the help of some creative souls, was born. Since the websites inception it has become a forum for automotive and motorsports loving women of all ages. Many of the women I have met through my website have become friends. I now have a racerchick of my own who is following in her parent’s nomex footsteps.

The experiences the site has brought to my doorstep have exceeded my wildest horsepower dreams.

So now more than a decade later and thanks to another creative mind, SlypigPro, a new is online.

I welcome all racerchicks, racerwives, racermoms and their family and friends to be a part of our community.



Nika has had a love for cars and racing since childhood. A regional racing license holder she has been involved with the industry, working with racers, teams, journalists and automobile manufacturers in sponsorship solicitation, logistics, hospitality, road show and communication program implementation.